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Competition Rules

International Trade


Competition Rules

Competition Authority Procedures

Leniency Assessments & Applications


Dawn-Raids and Information Requests

Preliminary Investigations


Termination of Infringement Processes

Sector Inquiries

Calculation of Damages and Competition Law Support in Claims for Damages

Commitments and Negotiations with the Competition Authority

Negative Clearance and Individual Exemption Applications

Competition Rules in Business

Design and Management of Distribution Systems (Dealership, Franchising, Distributorship)

Online Platforms and E-commerce

Sector Specific Rules (Block Exemptions and Individual Exemptions)

Market Intelligence and Data Collection

Relations with Competitors

Information Sharing /Hub&Spoke

Contracts with Competitors (Joint R&D, Joint Manufacturing, Co-marketing, Co-promotion, Subcontracting to Competitors)

Competition Compliance in Tenders


Associations & Platforms (Industry Statistics, Standard Setting)

Management of Dominance & Market Power

Pricing Policies (Rebates & Discounts)

Loyalty Schemes

Competition Law Assessment of Intellectual Property

Management of Specific Rights and Concessions

Essential Facilities

Dealing Conditions

Vertical Integration


Competition Compliance Program CCP

Custom-made Trainings and Workshops REACT

E-learning COMPLIZARD ®

Integration with General Compliance & Ethics Policy

Handling Potential Infringement

Dawn-Raid Policy and Team-up

Mergers and Acquisitions

Pre-Closing Assessments

Clearance Notifications to the Competition Authority

Post-Transaction Audits and Compliance Integrity


Industry Regulations

Energy Regulations




Circular Economies


Ethics & Compliance

Corporate Ethics and Compliance Policies & Systems

Global Anti-Bribery Regulations

Protection of Personal Data

Internal Investigations and Audits

Public Affairs and Advocacy

EU-Turkey Regulatory Alignments

Industry Opinions

Regulatory Impact Analysis

International Trade

Trade Policy Defense Tools

Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy and Safeguard Investigations

Surveillance and Quota Allocations

Customs and Trade

EU-Turkey Specific Customs Rules

Duty Exemptions and Policies

Origin and Valuation Disputes

Authenticity and Parallel Import