About Us

About Us

ACTECON provides advisory services to its local and international clients in the areas of competition rules, international trade and regulations. 

ACTECON draws its strength from its committed and solution-oriented team, extensive sector-specific knowledge, local and multinational expertise and know-how on the insights of the business world. ACTECON is experienced in offering effective strategies from the perspective of law & economics. The firm creates a meaningful difference through its in-depth understanding of the global competition and the challenges of the global economy. Our working principles include work ethic, commitment to provide value-added service and consistency in every aspect. 

ACTECON's practice in competition rules is focused on antitrust investigations, leniency applications, merger control, competition compliance programs and providing day-to-day competition rules advice to its clients. ACTECON works especially with multinationals located in Turkey with the perspective of corporate compliance basis and international service standards. In this respect, we implement competition rules compliance through our custom made Competition Compliance Program (also incorporating an e-learning base that is designed and owned by ACTECON). 

ACTECON’s Trade Team has extensive experience in trade remedies and related customs problems, in-depth knowledge of the Turkish business world, and a well-established, excellent working relationship with Turkish public authorities including the Turkish Ministry of Trade. ACTECON helps clients tailor solutions to execute industry-specific strategies and build strong cases in anti-dumping, safeguard, anti-circumvention investigations and customs applications. ACTECON has represented and assisted both domestic and foreign interested parties in several trade remedy cases in Turkey and abroad, working alongside clients and law firms. 

We help our clients operating in regulated industries understand market dynamics and the regulatory environment. ACTECON prepares regulatory impact assessments, opinions and position papers that may address the clients or the regulatory authorities. As part of our regulations expertise, we also design Data Protection Compliance programs for companies by implementing our extensive knowledge of various sectors.

ACTECON's principled approach to doing business is based on its core values. By codifying these values in our strategies, policies and procedures, ACTECON seeks to establish a corporate culture of integrity.

Core Values

Fundamental Responsibilities


ACTECON is committed to operate in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Professionalism, Fairness and Integrity


ACTECON acts at all times with professionalism, fairness and integrity. We treat all state institutions, public authorities, administrative units, non-governmental organizations, political parties, and other organizations equally and impartially.

Honesty and Transparency


Our primary values are honesty and transparency in all working processes and relationships.

Health, Safety and Promotion


We protect the health and safety of our staff. We support fair employment opportunities for youth, women and people with disabilities. We promote practices that contribute to economic and social development.

Highest Standards of Ethics


We demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and conduct in all of our business activities.

Work Against Corruption


We work against corruption in all its forms.

Avoid Conflict of Interest


ACTECON employees do not accept gifts under any circumstances, to avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Fair Competition


We compete fairly. We welcome fair competition and the protection of consumer rights, and conduct our practice accordingly.



We foster these same values and principles through all our spheres of influence, including our business partners.

Social Responsibility

Committed to Give Full Support

ACTECON has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility, built on a strong foundation of transparency, governance and ethics, dedicated to creating value for our community. NGOs are pillars of modern society and we are committed to supporting the Civil Society Support Foundation ("CSSF"), a charity fund devoted to making donations to NGOs according to strict selection criteria (http://siviltoplumdestek.org/english/). We are among the proud founding members of the CSSF.