Kürşat AYNA Financial Controlling Manager

  • Kürşat AYNA is a Financial Controlling Manager highly regarded for reengineering business processes to provide solutions to financial and operational problems. Known for expertly clarifying business requirements, analysing goals against existing procedures, and designing process improvements that enhance productivity and reduce expenditures. He is recognized for identifying company-wide financial variances and providing guidance to management on best practices for capitalizing on available resources. 

    Mr. AYNA has joined ACTECON in 2023. His main responsibility in ACTECON is assisting lawyers in dumping margin calculations of trade remedy projects. He analyzes dumping margins in anti-dumping cases, compares the possible dumping margins by creating various scenarios, analyzes the financial reports submitted by the client company and determines whether they are sufficient to calculate the margin. He further analyzes the current local /export sales prices and costs before any dumping investigation to determine whether a dumping investigation will be initiated and accordingly to make export pricing proposals compliant with anti-dumping regulations. Mr. AYNA also assists lawyers in competition law cases by preparing economic analysis reports.

  • Middle East Technical University, Business Administration, 2015