Dr. M. Fevzi TOKSOY

Dr. M. Fevzi Toksoy is an EU Law specialist and also an economist with master degrees from Istanbul and Brussels (ULB) on European Union law and economics and a PhD in EU Competition Law. Dr. Toksoy is concentrated in EU and Turkish competition laws and international trade remedies. He is the founding partner of ACTECON and offers solutions to customers in competition investigations, merger clearances and preventive competition compliance programs.

Dr. Toksoy has broad experience in Customs Union based issues such as parallel trade, customs duties and antidumping. He contributed in a variety of antidumping investigations conducted in different industries (steel, pipes, HR Steel, ball bearings, polyvinyl alcohol, skid chains, Color TVs, Air-conditioners, Automotive tires, zippers, textiles, glass fiber) by Turkish and other antidumping authorities (EU, USA, India, Indonesia, Singapore, China, The Gulf Cooperation Council).

After 1997, the date at which the Turkish Competition Authority became active, he focused on EU and Turkish competition law and advised clients in majority of the investigations conducted by the Competition Authority. Dr Toksoy also prepared many successful merger notifications, negative clearance and individual exemption applications in a variety of industries.

Dr. Toksoy combined his competition law knowledge with its broad experience of economic aspects of antitrust matters across a wide range of industries, particularly in mergers and joint ventures, restrictive practices, distribution systems and abuse of dominant position, in areas such as automotive distribution, information technology, environment, energy, FMCG, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications, airlines, financial services, sport, media, entertainment, computer software, electrical equipment, chemicals and engineering.

Dr. Toksoy advised multinational companies in Turkish part of their M&A transactions and especially renowned with his experience in complicated merger control cases. He has successfully negotiated remedies with the Turkish Competition Authority in many complex merger cases. He has practical experience in public and private sector competition law related commercial problems in Turkey such as subcontracting, licensing, distribution schemes and intellectual property rights. He currently conducts projects on this area with large multinationals in Turkey. Dr. Toksoy conducts competition compliance programs in different industries and leads and designs workshops and training sessions in mainly multinationals from different industries.

He serves as an expert member of the Competition Law and WTO Committees of TUSIAD, Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists’ Association. Dr Toksoy is an Associate Member of ABA and member of the Antitrust and M&A Committees and national reporter of International Antitrust committee. He is the co-author of Competition Law and Policy in Automotive Industry (ISBN 975-8768-79-4), Chief Editor of Competition Bulletin between 2000-2002, a professional quarterly competition law review and editor of Competition Board Decisions Vol. I, II, III and IV. He is also the author of articles on competition law, EU law and WTO related trade issues. His PhD thesis titled “Competition Law Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions in the EU and Turkish Law - Does Turkey Call for a Merger Reform? The Answer and a Policy Proposal” tackles many problematic issues of the Turkish merger control regime.

Dr Toksoy has been the guest of round tables on the legislative amendments of the Turkish Competition Law hosted by the Competition Authority. Dr. Toksoy lectures EU and Turkish Competition Law at Marmara University EU Institute and also lectures occasionally “Mergers & Acquisitions”, “International Trade Remedies” and “Competition Law Aspects of EU and Turkish Environmental Law”.


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