Bahadır BALKI

Bahadır BALKI joined ACTECON in June 2008.  Bahadır BALKI graduated from University of Bahcesehir (Istanbul) and holds an LLM degree in the field of European Economic Law from Universitat des Saarlandes – Europa Institut. He currently pursues his Ph.D. education on European Union Law. Mr. BALKI is an admitted lawyer of Istanbul Bar Association.

Mr. BALKI provided advocacy services in many cartel and abuse of dominance investigations (i.e. insurance, banking, iron&steel, automotive, cement, ready mix concrete, telecommunication, broadcasting rights, ro-ro transportation, salty snacks, alcoholic beverages, etc.) launched by the Competition Authority and also leaded many successful merger notifications in a variety of industries (i.e. iron&steel, FMCG, ground handling, cooling systems, ready-made clothing, aviation, port management services, transportation, cement, movie theatre, toys). He conducts competition compliance programs and provides legal consultancy services to day-to-day business of his clients as well.

Mr. BALKI also acts on behalf of his clients in anti-dumping and sunset review investigations. He represented companies in a variety of investigations conducted in different industries (i.e. iron&steel, ceramics, solar panel, textiles, BOPP film, concrete pumps, ductile pipes, copper tubes, blanket, machine-made rugs, laminate flooring, flat glass, bicycle tyres/tubes, motor hoes etc.) by Turkish and other antidumping authorities.

He was appointed to the International Competition Network as an NGA by the Turkish Competition Authority and represented Turkey as a “resource person” on “Remedies, Commitments, and Cooperation” at ICN Marrakesh 2014. Mr. BALKI is one of the guest lecturers in LLM competition law courses at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Articles and Conferences

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