Baha'a Armouti is the founding partner of Armouti & Associates, a boutique Jordanian law firm specializing in trade laws and business laws which govern trade defense instruments and investment, with a focus on anti-dumping, anti-subsidies, safeguards, competition, corporate and intellectual property. The firm has also developed a practice as a regional leader in the field of WTO law and practice.

Baha'a Armouti serves industrial, trading and service provider companies in protecting products’ accessibility to domestic and international markets under national laws and the WTO agreements, and have represented a wide range of companies in cases involving trade remedies and anti-trust measures for a diverse range of products such as, cement, white cement, clinker, steel, galvanized coil sheets, salmon, and pickup vehicles. 

Armouti & Associates is ACTECON’s alliance and gateway to Turkish investments directed to the Gulf region.