Environment and Economics

Since 2005, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning puts into effect legislations on recycling of wastes that may cause negative effects on the environment. In this respect, the regulations issued in the waste sectors such as packaging, tire, accumulator and battery prohibit to leave the wastes perniciously and oblige the producing companies to collect and recycle such wastes. ACTECON provides services regarding environment and waste economies as the concerned regulations allow the competitor producers to come together for fulfilling their responsibilities concerning the waste management and to establish collective systems authorized by the government. Because such collective systems bring sensitivities related to competition rules as such collective systems are cooperation platforms between competitors.

Accordingly, Turkish Competition Authority which aims to establish, protect and develop the competition in the relevant product markets, carries out activities in the waste markets in order to establish effective competition and provide the recycling of the wastes competitively. Thus Competition Authority’s decisions regarding various waste industries serve to materialize these aims and prove that the arrangements regarding the recycling should not be free from the competition rules.

Competition compliance activities of ACTECON, which provides services to the collective systems and producers obliged to collect wastes is specialized in the below fields:

  • Studies regarding the establishment of collective systems including preparation of the structural and managerial design of the authorized organizations, applications to be made before Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and Competition Authority.
  • Preparation and competition compliance of the waste management plans of the collective systems
  • Designation of the collector, recycler, recoverer tenders to be carried out by the collective systems in accordance with the competition rules, providing the compliance of specifications and criteria of the tenders
  • Studies regarding the competition compliance of the meeting, decision and implementation process of the collective systems