Competition compliance programs & training

ACTECON assists businesses in creating competition compliance culture via competition compliance programs (CCPs) and regular trainings and workshops.

CCPs aim at enhancing competition law awareness of businesses and limiting the risk of competition law violation(s) in course of their economic activities. ACTECON has designed and implemented CCPs to more than one hundred companies, including multinational ones, active in different industries and jurisdictions. Our custom-made CCPs include compliance audits of business activities and general trainings on competition rules for the employees and management of the company. The main goal is to get a grasp of main competition rules and stay up-to-date with any subsequent competition law developments.

Our training sessions could be arranged as either separate events or could be held simultaneously with the annual team meetings. The topics of the trainings vary depending on the needs of the company. As part of the trainings we also instruct the employees/management of the company on a proper behavior in case of unannounced inspections of the Competition Authority.

We provide businesses with an entertaining and easy way to learn competition law via ACTECON’s innovative online learning tool “COMPLIZARD"



ACTECON has developed an online competition compliance application “COMPLIZARD” aiming to increase competition law awareness of companies’ management and employees, to assess the level of such awareness and keep it regularly updated.

  • COMPLIZARD is a ‘tool’ that companies should continuously use for preventing or reducing risks that may arise out of competition law in  course of conducting their economic activities.
  • COMPLIZARD helps companies to reach their business goals without violating competition rules.
  • COMPLIZARD explains current competition law of Turkey with real practical examples as opposed to pure legal texts and theories.