Results of Expiry Review Investigation Published on the Official Gazette

Communiqué on Prevention of Unfair Competition on Imports numbered 2015/34 and dated July 25, 2015 was published in the Official Gazette numbered 29425. The Ministry of Economy has announced the results of the expiry review investigation carried by the Ministry of Economy, Directorate General of Imports against the imports of “outer and tube tyres for motorcycles”. Precautions remained in force over the course of investigation.

In the wake of the expiry review investigation, it is stated that in the event of annulment of the current measures against the imports of those products, it is highly possible that the dumping and injury would reoccur for the domestic market. Therefore the continuation of the precautions imposed by the Communiqué numbered 2009/8 and 2003/7 against imports of the People’s Republic of China(“PRC”), Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia originated “outer and tube tyre for motorcycles” products, with the decision of the Assessment Council for Unfair Competition in Importing and approval of the Minister of Economy , has been decided. Current measures can be found below;